The Peak of Shasta

Bearing one of the most prominent landmarks in California, the town of Mount Shasta is a beautiful town home to an incredibly beautiful landscape and a lush environment, teeming with trees and a number of wildlife. Bearing the same name of a nearby volcano, the town of Mount Shasta is one of the most prominent towns in California.

Compared to the arid northern regions, the town of Mount Shasta receives more rainfall since more moisture reaches the town. During the winter season, Mount Shasta also gets much more snow compared to the other neighboring regions, despite having a low level of elevation. The town is situated on the slope of the nearby Mount Shasta. With this, the soil is generally abundant with nutrients for plants to grow and to cultivate.

One of the most prominent features of the town of Mount Shasta is the nearby volcano that bears a height of more than 14,000 feet, being the fifth highest mountain in California and being the second tallest one in the Cascades. The surrounding forest has been turned into a national park that is managed by the United States Forest Service, turning it into Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The park offers a number of recreational activities for the locals and visiting tourists, like camping, hiking, mountain climbing, boating, fishing. During the winter, the forest also offers downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding as well.

The most well-known quality of the town is the volcano, Mount Shasta. A number of climbers often attempt to reach the peak of Mount Shasta, with several tries being attempted on both the summer and winter seasons. The summer climbing season has duration of almost six months, running from April to October. But several attempts are being made more during the winter season compared to the summer. In the winter, the most travelled routed are the pair of ridges, the Casaval Ridge and the Sargents Ridge. Many climbers use these paths because the ridges have a lower chance of being affected by avalanches. The mountain is also a well-liked location for backcountry skiing since there are many regions where ski lifts are absent and because of the remote areas that become available for avid skiers.

Another landmark in the town of Mount Shasta is Shasta Lake, an artificial lake created after the creation of the Shasta Dam across the Sacramento River in the local national forest, being considered as California’s largest reservoir. The lake is popular for a number of recreational activities as well like boating, fishing, and even water skiing.

The Shasta Abbey is also found in the town of Mount Shasta. It is a training monastery for those who have the desire to learn the ways of Buddhism. It is a Zen Buddhist monastery built during the 1970s and it is open to both locals and visitors alike.

The McCloud Railway system is operated around the region of Mount Shasta, providing freight services and also bringing passenger trains. The railroad ran from Mount Shasta and then going toward Bartle. From there, the Burney Branch is directed towards the Southern region. The railroad also had a route from Bartle towards Hambone, California. It reached up to the Lookout Junction, connecting with the mainline of the Great Northern Railway which was situated towards the north of Bieber, California.

The Mount Shasta Ski Park is a popular destination for tourists seeking their vacation time in the heights of Mount Shasta. It lies about 9 km on the southern face of Mount Shasta. This was the second constructed ski park in the region; however, it is the only one surviving currently. The first one was the old Mount Shasta Ski Bowl built during the 1950’s. The Mount Shasta Ski Bowl often had financial troubles, leading to its declining market and profit. But in January 1978, a massive avalanche destroyed their main chairlift. Without sufficient funds to keep the Ski Bowl running efficiently, and with nothing to spar for the repair of the destroyed their main chairlift, the Mount Shasta Ski Bowl essentially closed for good. In 1985, businessmen and area developers constructed a ski park on the lower regions of the mountain, building it below the timberline and making it much safer to avalanches. This was the birth of Mount Shasta Ski Park and has been operating for two decades since then.


A commercial beverage company in the United States also derived its name from the town of Mount Shasta. Shasta Beverages is a manufacturer markets a variety of valued lie of soft drinks with varying flavors, using the name of Shasta Soda. It initially began with the name The Shasta Mineral Springs Company back in 1889, located in Maryland. During 1928, the company name changed into Shasta Water Company, producing bottled water from the Shasta Springs of Northern California. The company’s first official soft drink was ginger ale, until after a few years; there was a mix of alcoholic beverages, sodas, and mineral water.

The town of Mount Shasta is a very diverse community where in both locals and tourists can enjoy their time from the number of recreational activities the town has to offer. Not only does it provide a taste of extreme with all the exhilarating activities like skiing and snowboarding, but it also offers a serene experience where one can attain relaxation by simply viewing the beauty of the landscape, dominated by the face of Mount Shasta, and being one with Mother Nature. Read more