Unique and Special Ways to Have Fun in Baltimore

When it comes to having fun, Baltimore doesn’t have all the exhilarating, blood-pumping attractions unlike other places. It’s a place of art, appreciation and mostly relaxation. But there are some things to do in Baltimore that will let you have a unique and memorable time in the city.

Pirate ship!

Embrace your inner childhood and become a pirate alongside the crew of Baltimore’s pirate ship, Fearless. If you’re up for swashbuckling tales of pirates and exploration of the vast seas, then this is for you. The ship is located in the historic Fell’s Point district with a majestic view of the port. Climb on the Fearless and join its pirate crew in a blustering adventure without even leaving the port. Enjoy hearing the tales of adventures of the crew that starts at 9:00 AM. And for a small fee, you can buy tickets for you and your family for an exciting cruise aboard Fearless for your own high seas adventure.


Market Tour

Coming in at absolutely free, you can go and sightsee in the Lexington Market. You can walk around to see the butchers slice and dice meat in Baltimore’s signature way. You can watch the fishermen at work, sorting out fishes and delivering them in stocks – if you’re lucky, you can even get to see them at work while they skillfully cut up the freshly caught fishes from the harbor. You can revel in the smell of the wonderful cooking quite early in the morning and you’ll just find yourself wanting to take a bite. However, it’s a challenge to leave without buying anything with all the treats and delicacies that are scattered in the market. There are roasted peanuts, deli sandwiches, freshly squeezed lemonade, crabs steamed to perfection, different kinds of salads, raw oysters, and pastries that are baked to delight.

Free Summer Movies

During the summer season, Fell’s Point offers free movies at night in the Pier. You can take your car, grab a folding reclining chair, take some snacks with you, a warm blanket, and your family to enjoy good movie. But it doesn’t stop there. There are also other locations with the same theme like in Federal Hill and Little Italy, the latter which features Italian-themed movies. John Hopkins University is another great movie spot that usually begins at night and also features live music. Discover more

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